Kurt Shafer here to bring you a wealth of facts about adding windows to your garage doors. Why am I doing this? Because I wanted windows in MY garage door for years and finally got serious in 2018. I called people and looked online and spend hours trying to find the best source. I talked to my door manufacturer and to local door installers and looked at Amazon and other ad sites. The result was discouraging. I decided to invent my own. So I wrote this report to show you how hard it is to find good windows at a good price and how easy it is to get my kit.

Below are details from many web sites – these details will save you hours. There are basically 2 options. One is to go to your door supplier. I tried this in 2018 and was told that the Clopay window panel I wanted would cost over $450. The 2nd option is to search for a 3rd party to install or sell you a DIY kit. I have spent hours searching the web for kits or 3rd parties and you can see the result of my work below.


The first way to get windows added to your garage door is to call the supplier of the garage door to ask them to replace the panel in your door with a new panel that has windows already installed. I checked with some manufacturers and some installers and the average quote I got was $450.


Below are the results of my hours of searching.

1. I started with a google search for “garage door windows”. Near the top is Liberty.

2. Liberty is in New Jersey and offers Clopay and Wayne Dalton doors. Their web ad implies that you can get windows from them. The fact is that they CAN install windows but only in their selected sources doors and only in New Jersey.

3. Overhead door is like Liberty, only working on doors they sell.

4. Amazon has dozens of sellers but they all sell stick-on windows, not real ones.

Below is a closeup of an Amazon page. You can see they are all faux windows.

5. Sears. But their page says the product is not available…..

6. has window kits. Below are some of them. They are decorative and all cost a reasonable amount but there does not appear to be a discount for more than one window.

7. More sites in the Google search don’t have kits.

8. Here is what my windows did to my garage – I hope you will agree these are the best kits available. I have worked hard to make these both attractive and affordable. They are plain but really let in light. The price is as low as $25.

I was lucky – my garage door faced the sunrise.

You will see ways to buy them here –


If you want to get your windows for free all you need to do is talk to your neighbors. If you can find just one neighbor who wants these windows and you write me their name and they buy a set of 8 windows or more, I will arrange for you to get your window kit free!