Imagine your garage with sunlight coming in!

This window kit gives you that instantly.

Here is a crowded garage flooded in light.
Mounting screws are hidden at each corner
This shows one color frame – you can paint it any color.

First drill holes for rivet nuts.

The rivet nuts require a hole that is just over the diameter of the nut. That is 6mm or about 1/4 inch. Test your drill and the rivet nut for a good fit before drilling the door.

Next cut the opening in your door.

This can be done with several different tools. I tried a nibbler but it throws tiny metal shards everywhere. A simple sabre saw will do as well but the cut is usually more ragged. A metal cutting blade on a saw or rotary tool is the cleanest.

Next install the rivet nuts.

For a good look at how to install a rivet nut see this YouTube page –

Just note that the diameter of 13 mm in the video is not for this rivet nut.